To achieve the goal of improving physical condition and general health, there are different methodologies to choose from. These allow to achieve different objectives within the physical well-being.

‘Functional training’, ‘Team Beats by Technogym’ and ‘personal training’ are three of these methodologies.


Maritza Toribio and Martín Gabirondo, proprietary partners of Co-Active, a center that implements them as part of their services, explain what each one consists of.

Functional training: group training method based on functional movements that act as universal patterns of motor activation, which resemble activities performed in daily life, such as jumping, pulling, pushing, bending or lifting an object.

Through it, physical qualities such as coordination, balance, resistance, speed and strength are developed; essential skills to move better, be faster, more agile and flexible, without getting tired.

Team Beats: a heart rate training platform that combines variety, efficiency in time, music and fun in a training session. It differs from any other group-assisted experience because it develops physical condition, helps to lose weight in the short term, improves muscle mass, functional performance, quality of life and maximizes heart rate.

Personal training: personalized strength training method where state-of-the-art equipment is used.

It is designed according to the health and physical condition of each individual to increase muscle power and resting metabolism. In addition, it improves muscle mass, body composition, bone density and insulin sensitivity.

Effective results

According to Maritza Toribio and Martín Gabirondo, the concept of the center they direct is to be a space to achieve effective results through the meticulous accompaniment of qualified and experienced fitness professionals, in a positive and ideal environment to build memorable experiences.


It uses a formula designed by Toribio and Gabirondo, who have almost two decades of experience in the world of physical training: adding qualified coaches, state-of-the-art equipment, advanced technology and the three training methodologies.