The first thing that should take into account those who have pets in their homes and more if it is a puppy, is that you have to have a health plan that starts with deworming; which is carried out 45 days after birth and then parasite control reinforcements are carried out in all the puppies, according to Liliana Góngora, coordinator of the Veterinary Clinic of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of San Martín University.

The expert emphasized the importance of vaccines, since these allow puppies to generate antibodies to fight any type of disease and are vital for their growth.

It is also necessary to respect the puppy’s lactation period, which is approximately 45 days, since it will provide the necessary nutrients that he needs, and for the same reason he should not be separated from his mother in a short time.

Diet is another factor that influences the welfare of pets, that is why it must be balanced and that meets the nutritional needs and that provide the right caloric content for each animal.

“In adult pets the type of feeding depends on the quality of the food, the breed, the weight, the age and the activity, the frequency must be at least twice a day,” said the expert.

Since the puppies are constantly learning, it is necessary to educate them so that they acquire habits and get used to the routines, besides not leaving objects that can be dangerous for them or cause an accident.

Finally, the expert pointed out that when a person goes to buy or adopt a pet, it is important to previously consult with a veterinarian to help him make an appropriate choice according to the lifestyle of the person, they take into account the personal and family context.