Consumers are willing to pay a higher price for products and services that are committed to a social cause or to the preservation of the environment.

It has been observed that sustainability has become a priority for users at the time of purchase. Fashion, food, beauty and skin care are becoming ecological as the industry increases to meet this new consumer demand. The main discussion forums and congresses in the industry address sustainable products issues; as the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, in which new beauty trends are promoted.


Natural and organic

They look for better ingredients, healthier and from reliable sources; that are natural, plant-based, organic and sustainable. Green materials are preferred that allow the preservation and care of the environment and respond to the needs of consumers about its safe use.


Reducing our impact

The consumer has evolved, and with it, the worry to know where they finish their products after their useful life. Many brands moved by this concern and in order to meet the amount of waste created by their plastic containers, have chosen to rationalize them and even to implement recycling initiatives within their processes. One example is ‘Back to M.A.C’, a proposal from the makeup firm that invites you to return six empty containers of your M.A.C products – in any of its stores – in exchange for choosing a lipstick completely free as a thank you.


The return of home remedies

Traditional wisdom is increasingly popular even in Western countries. Google reports show that homemade mask is one of the greatest searches for beauty and cosmetics. The treatments found on YouTube may not have the approval of an expert, but they are cheaper and people feel more sure of knowing what they are really smearing on their faces. Taking advantage of this trend, many brands have started making DIY tutorials (do it yourself) to easily apply their products at home.


The beauty of a calm conscience

It is well said that true beauty is interior, to reach it, everyone tries it in different ways. Some through meditations and yoga classes; others, with changes in their consumption habits and some more, helping the next door. To begin with, just want, there are meditations in different You Tube channels that tell you step by step how to breathe until you enter a higher state of consciousness. To make a positive change in your consumption habits, always keep in mind initiatives that seek to leave a constructive footprint in the environment.


An example of this is The Coca-Cola Company’s global initiative ‘Waste Free World’, which incorporates various actions to preserve and care for the planet. For its part, the Mexican Coca-Cola Industry has joined efforts over the years to contribute to this vision. A clear example of their actions is the innovative Ciel water bottle made 100% of others, totally recycled and recyclable, which thanks to its light blue color allows the resin obtained from its recycling to become new containers later on. You are part of this initiative, since you deposit your Ciel containers in the waste collection containers to be transported to the plants in charge of processing them. An action as effective as saying: Namaste!


Vegan & Cruelty free

Vegan cosmetics, with ethical labels that indicate ‘without cruelty’, are currently one of the greatest keys to beauty. The Google marketing report cataloged it as one of the main trends of 2017 with an increase of 83% in searches for vegan skin care products in the US.


The benefits of green beauty are many, it is 100% healthier for your body, soul and mind; so they will automatically be reflected in the health of your skin and the environment you inhabit.