It seems common for all of us to use plants to heal us. Our grandmothers taught us as children. We go to the market and we see, smell and touch the different herbs, and then hear that they prescribe their uses.


All Peruvians know, both history and everyday, that we can be a source of natural, organic medicine with social impact. Medicine adapted, civilized, over millennia, unlike medicine that is done in a laboratory that, in some cases, has unknown side effects.


The roots and the Andean plants, as well as the plants of the jungle, are sown where almost half of the poor live who, in an immoral and unacceptable way, continue like this. Maca, to cite just one example, should be processed to obtain its extract and its DNA should be sequenced to make pills. Can you imagine a natural Viagra patented by Peruvians? How many thousands of hectares would be planted?


The State is in another, for a change. Entrepreneurs also shine by their absence. But God is Peruvian and now he gives us another golden opportunity: medicinal Cannabis.


Peru could be a world leading exporter of this herb. And no, do not smoke: it has a high content of active ingredients called cannabinoids, with multiple therapeutic benefits. And it can be produced safely and traceable, as happens in other countries such as Canada.


It has passed the welfare that we can generate by exporting. It still does not regulate the law. And think of internal consumption only. The opportunity to export hundreds of millions, pay taxes and generate employment is there, in our noses. This would open the door to the medicinal and diverse Peru that the world of today wants.