An investigation by the American Heart Association suggests that if people follow five healthy lifestyle habits they can live longer. It was found that in the case of women, more than 14 years, and in the case of men, 12.


The study, published in the journal Circulation, recommends following five habits: never smoking, maintaining a healthy body mass index, exercising moderately, not drinking a lot of alcohol and having a healthy diet.


According to the research, those individuals who followed these five practices at 50 years lived an average of 14 years more, in the case of women, and 12.2 years more in men, compared to those who did not follow these suggestions.

In women following the five healthy habits, life went on (Getty Images)

“The priority of this study is the health care, empowerment and self-control of patients to help them have a certain lifestyle, since the future of medicine is the treatment of diseases that appear due to the disarrangement of the style of life.” life, “said Dr. Gabriel Lapman (MN 119066), cardiologist and nephrologist at the Sanatorium Model Home, in dialogue with Infobae.


The results

Specifically, those who followed these habits were 74% less likely to die during the follow-up period, 82% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease, and 65% less likely to die of cancer.


“Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are the main pathologies causing premature death: they produce a death every 15 minutes in Argentina, according to the new work, prevention would be key to reduce deaths from this type of cause,” the doctor said.


“Quantifying the association between factors of healthy lifestyle and longer life expectancy is important not only for individual behavioral changes, but also for health communicators and policy makers,” said lead author Frank Hu, a physician from the Department of Nutrition at Harvard in Boston (MA).


The researchers believe that the improvement in life expectancy would be even greater without the widespread prevalence of obesity, a known risk factor for heart disease, stroke and premature death. The improvement in daily habits contributes to a better lifestyle (iStock)

For the researcher, “it is fundamental” to put prevention in the first place through changes in diet and lifestyle, which he said “has enormous benefits in terms of reducing the appearance of chronic diseases, improving life expectancy and reducing the costs of medical care. ”


How they did the study

To carry out the report, they analyzed the link between the five factors of lifestyle and premature death using data from the National Nurses’ Health Study and the Follow-up Study of Health Professionals, which include more than 122,000 people.


The researchers also used statistics from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, with data from more than 2,000 people between 50 and 80 years, to estimate the distribution of those lifestyle factors among adults in the United States.

For researchers, one of the main alerts is overweight (Getty Images)

“Argentina is lagging behind in lifestyle changes, in fact, childhood obesity is growing alarmingly and life expectancy, despite technological advances, remains at 76.6 years, that is, levels are much lower than developed countries such as Canada -with 82.4- and Japan, the longest-lived country in both men and women, “said Lapman.


According to the researchers, a healthy lifestyle would be essential to extend life expectancy.


“It is important to provide patients with a lifestyle medicine, that is, to bet that they improve their quality of life with these daily acts that can undoubtedly prevent many diseases,” concluded Lapman.