5 Chinese Medicine Remedies For Acne That Are All Natural & Gentle On Your Skin

1.      Use Natural Topicals Instead Of Drugstore Products A lot of cosmetic products specifically made for acne contain ingredients that are actually super harmful on skin. Take salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, for instance. According to the Cleveland Clinic, salicylic acid can be very irritating, while benzoyl peroxide is a bleaching agent found in other cosmetic Continue Reading

5 tricks to grow your beard faster

If you are anxious for your beard to come in, there are some things you can try to maximize growth rate and fullness. For men, beards stand for masculinity, so a fully grown mustache and beard is a source of great pride. That is probably why ‘grow the beard faster’ is one of the most popular search Continue Reading

Training methodologies that promote body health

To achieve the goal of improving physical condition and general health, there are different methodologies to choose from. These allow to achieve different objectives within the physical well-being. ‘Functional training’, ‘Team Beats by Technogym’ and ‘personal training’ are three of these methodologies.   Maritza Toribio and Martín Gabirondo, proprietary partners of Co-Active, a center that Continue Reading