One in five women suffers from some type of mood or anxiety disorder during their pregnancy or motherhood and about 75% of them are not diagnosed. This is what Doctor Gracia Lasheras, who directs the Perinatal and Reproductive Mental Health Unit of the Dexeus University Hospital, warned today and is president of the Marcé Española Society of Perinatal Mental Health (MARES), at the presentation of the VII Conference on Mental Health Perinatal, which this hospital will host next Friday.

The objective of the day, promoted by MARES and the International Marcé Society for Perinatal Mental Health, is to address the problem of perinatal mental health, which is responsible for the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of maternal mental disorders during the preconceptional period, the pregnancy, lactation and puerperium, as well as the mental health of the newborn and the quality of the mother-child bond.


“Although perinatal mental disorders mainly affect the mother and the baby, they can also affect couples and the whole family, including other children and the people who support their care,” Lasheras warned.


“Pregnancy is not a protective state for the mental health of women and postpartum is a time of greater risk for depression,” according to Lasheras. «Numerous scientific studies show that mothers throughout the world can experience, during pregnancy or after childbirth, anxiety, depression, psychosis, obsessions, anorexia or any type of psychopathology regardless of age, country of origin, culture or economic level “, has added the optional.