Bloggers and motherhood is a very real binomial, as real as the life they show through the internet and social networks

Social networks and the internet has become your best showcase. Bloggers and motherhood is a very real binomial, as real as the life they show. They are different models of parenting, the way of educating or how to deal with problems. Today, the Red Madre Foundation has held its third meeting of Bloggers and Motherhood with the aim of showing the wonderful culture of motherhood.


The emergence of Social Redese has reversed the process for many bloggers. What is the blog or profile first? In the case of @soyunamadrenormal, Instagram was first. Irene tells us that “I started in that social network because my daughter’s dance teacher put the videos, then I started uploading photos and with ten children the people asked me to know more about what I do and the social networks were short and for That started with the blog. ” Although a priori having ten children is not normal at this time, Irene insists while rocking Carmen in her arms with only 15 days of life, that she does what all imperfect mothers say, normal.


Alicia, is new and is in front of her blog Ajonjolidevivir. “Our generation we put in google to look for the answers to the doubts that worry to us, and in the end in google everything is not. So I decided to create this blog asking my mother, my midwife, the friends mothers of six … trying to answer what Juan Pablo – the newborn – is asking me “.


They are just an example of bloggers and motherhood because there are as many models of mom bloggers as there are mothers in general. Teresa Robles, for example, got involved in Instagram because her teenage children got involved. Jose Maria, the youngest of his seven children, with Down syndrome was struck by leukemia. “I got into social networks because I wanted to make people aware of bone marrow donation. # UnaMedulaparaJoseAMría # Médulaparatodos was a campaign in which everyone turned upside down and that has made him show the reality of his son since the illness. We know the advances of Jose Maria and a little more of their reality and that Teresa has endeavored with her whole family to “get something good out of the disease”. During the meeting of bloggers, Teresa has had very intimate moments with her motherhood in a very emotional way, she has encouraged to live every minute “I value much more everything I do because at Christmas I thought I had to bury my son (the illness that it’s deadly) and everything we do together, no matter how crazy it is, I enjoy it, I enjoy every minute of my life. ”


An encounter in which solitude in motherhood was discussed with Claudai Pereira at the head of the profile @entremamas, or the testimony of Leire Navaridas who with her little one in her arms has told how motherhood is sometimes simply daring to say yes. The psychologist Carmen González Rivas has approached from her experience as a family therapist advice to improve communication with our adolescent children.


For Amaya Azcona, president of Red Madre, the goal of this meeting is to create a culture of motherhood reaching young women, bloggers that “Motherhood is a good, it is something positive, it can be difficult can come in difficult times for women, but we must explain that we can always get ahead, the son is a good that fills us with values. Bloggers do it already very well on the internet by launching this message that motherhood is worth it. Young women often receive a message that motherhood is not good but millions of women in the world are happy being mothers, although it is not the only thing, although there is social life, culture … “.