What is the theory of multiple intelligences?

Each human being is unique and unrepeatable, therefore, his talent is also unique. Each person has their own capabilities, all of them equally valuable. Psychologist Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences is in full swing. Thanks to this vision, each human being can increase their development potential from the cultivation of those capacities in which Continue Reading

3 simple strategies to keep you always learning

The difference between studying and learning, according to various sources, is that studying “means having to acquire knowledge, generally using memory and relationships between concepts”, while learning is “the cumulative acquisition of skills and knowledge, often coming from experiences. “And in my experience, the most important part of being successful as an entrepreneur is to Continue Reading

Relax and breathe

Did you know that in 2016 the PTSD rate in veterans and those still serving in the military had risen to 6%, compared to 4.4% within the civilian population? Within the wider Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Search community, the levels of stress and other mental health issues are particularly high. Not just following their experiences Continue Reading

Mental illness ‘single biggest public health issue’ for universities, says head of Bristol

The head of Bristol University has said poor mental health among students is the “single biggest public health issue” affecting universities. Dr Hugh Brady, speaking after a spate of suspected suicides at the university, blamed the impact of “constant” social media use for the deterioration in student mental health. The Vice-Chancellor also cited the drive Continue Reading