Do I Really Need A Maternity Bra? Here’s What Skeptics Have To Say

If you’re pregnant, I guarantee the world is trying to sell you stuff: maternity clothes, body pillows, stretch-mark prevention cream. While many products are truly useful (hey, body pillow), some will languish in your cabinet forever (hello, stretch-mark cream). Let’s tackle one oft-advertised item right now — bras. Do you really need a maternity bra? Or is Continue Reading

These Maternity Pillows Exist For Moms Who REALLY Want to Sleep On Their Bellies

Many expectant mothers reach a certain point in their pregnancy where it becomes uncomfortable to sleep, especially on their stomachs. That’s why the cosy Bump exists, a unique pregnancy pillow aimed at easing sleeping discomfort for moms-to-be. The inflatable pillow, which looks like an air mattress with a hole in the centre, claims to alleviate back Continue Reading

Motherhood is fashionable

Bloggers and motherhood is a very real binomial, as real as the life they show through the internet and social networks Social networks and the internet has become your best showcase. Bloggers and motherhood is a very real binomial, as real as the life they show. They are different models of parenting, the way of Continue Reading

The decalogue of a pregnant woman

There is a popular belief that a healthy pregnancy is a “tranquil” pregnancy, the one that leads physical inactivity hand in hand. But, fortunately, it is ceasing to be so. For a long time, good pregnancy and simple birth have been linked to physical exercise. In the third century BC, for example, Aristotle already attributed Continue Reading