How quickly we forget the pencil-thin brows of 2001, when all that could be heard between the hours of 8pm and 10pm was the gentle pluck of tweezers. On a barely painted face, models at Giambattista Valli brushed their eyebrows bushy and bold, a look that can be mimicked simply by pushing your ring finger through your own. For those unblessed, each year brings more riches in brow products – try MAC’s new Eye Brows Styler for understated definition.

Get the look

  1. Revlon Brow Mousse
    2. Hint of a Tint Brow Pen
    3. Brow Tech
    4. D&G Emotion Eyes Brow PowderDuo
    5. Eyebrow Gel
    6. BoyBrow
    7. Laura Mercier
    8. Eye Brows Styler
    9. Brow Struck Powder
    10. Gimme Brow gel

Bag one now

Alexa Chung has designed a make-up bag and it’s rather lovely. It features drawings by Chung herself, of Bloomsbury group members who inspired her latest collection, Virginia.

On a jelly roll

The texture of the moment? Jelly. No longer just for tea parties. Today, as well as masks and cleansers, there are jelly perfumes and, our favourite, a buildable blusher.

Hooray for spray

Tis the season to mist yourself. Choose from hydrating scents for your hair or a refreshing facial spray. You could do worse than start at Superdrug, with its restorative B. Comforted Camomile Facial Spritz.


  1. Meghan’s brow stylist reveals her tips for getting your eyebrows princess perfect

She spends her days polishing and preening everyone from ‘ladies who lunch’ to ‘princesses from the Middle East’.

And now Mayfair’s resident beauty expert Sherrille Riley has revealed her tips for achieving the perfect eyebrows.

Sherrille, who tends to the brows of Meghan Markle, has been championing the natural look since a run-in with a razor at the age of 13 that saw her shaving off her own brows in a moment of madness.

It sparked the beginning of a lifelong obsession with beauty and a quest for the achieving the perfect brows, culminating in the launch of her own luxury salon, Nails & Brows Mayfair, on Berkeley Street in 2014.

These days, the expert spends her days beautifying everyone from Hollywood royalty like Halle Berry to actual royalty. Here, she shares her four top tips exclusively with FEMAIL.

  1. Your brows shouldn’t be symmetrical

‘It’s completely normal to have one arch higher than the other,’ says Sherrille. ‘They’re not supposed to be the same; they’re sisters, not twins.

‘I’ve never met anybody with exactly the same brows. Instead, I like to keep my clients’ brows as full as possible and as natural as possible, follow their natural shape.

‘I give them a bit more colour and depth, and really thicken and style them up.’

2. Take a leaf out of Ms. Hepburn’s book

Sherrille’s ‘Audrey’ style – inspired by Ms Hepburn’s iconic full, thick brows – is the Duchess of Sussex’s preferred look.

‘With the Audrey, I try to reduce the arch and create a straight look but make sure the ends are quite lifted and gradual all the way through, rather than a tick,’ Sherrille explains.

‘It’s a very universal look that suits most women and it’s effortless.’

3. Straight, not arched

‘A high arch can make women look pretty angry,’ says Sherrille. ‘I encourage clients to try that and to grow the brows in.

‘It’s actually more low maintenance [it takes a tint, shaping and trimming every few weeks plus a brow filler pencil].’


  1. Over-plucking can lead to permanent damage

‘Sometimes with over-plucking, the follicle gets disturbed or the hair doesn’t grow back as well.

When I was 13 years old, I shaved my brows because I wanted them shaped but I didn’t know what I was doing.

‘Eventually I ended up with two half brows and they didn’t grow back properly also the hairs created shadow. That’s really where my obsession with brows came from because my own ones were a mess.