The fashion, in beauty today, is to concentrate on “self-expression”, or “strength” – trends that make you smile or gasp, or put on some Bowie quite noisily in a lonely room. It’s rare, oddly, that we talk about prettiness. But this is what the gently pink lip is, what it aspires to – a quiet nod to youth and innocence. Whether you go for the bolder choice or simply a slick of tinted balm, it’s a look that is flattering on almost everybody.

Get the look

  1. LA Lights 
  2.  D&G Lipstick
  3. Lip Balm
  4.  Rouge G
  5.  Coco Lip Tint
  6.  Winky Lux 
  7.  Pure Colour Lip Shine 
  8.  Identity Lipstick 
  9.  Ecstasy Shine
  10. Trish McEvoy 
  11. Erdem for Nars 
  12.  Tom Ford Ultra-Shine 

Wiped out

Make-up wipes are going to be banned, as it takes up to 100 years for them to break down. If you’re not quite ready to give yours up, try eco brands Yes To wipes (£3.99, Boots) or Ecocare’s organic version (£5,

Under cover

The sun is out. Quick: cover up! Filorga’s UV Bronze is the first photo-active range that enhances your tan. And Shiseido’s Wet Force technology gets stronger when it comes into contact with water or sweat. Try its UV Lip Color Splash, SPF30 (left).

Hats off

And don’t forget about your hair. As well as sunscreen for scalps (Redken’s Colour Extend Sun Take Cover SPF25, £16.85), explore the newly renovated L’Oréal Professionnel Solar Sublime collection of suncare for hair, including a spray
that protects, and a shampoo that repairs.