Do I Really Need A Maternity Bra? Here’s What Skeptics Have To Say

If you’re pregnant, I guarantee the world is trying to sell you stuff: maternity clothes, body pillows, stretch-mark prevention cream. While many products are truly useful (hey, body pillow), some will languish in your cabinet forever (hello, stretch-mark cream). Let’s tackle one oft-advertised item right now — bras. Do you really need a maternity bra? Or is Continue Reading

Summer beauty tips for men

Grooming is essential not just for women but for men too. Regular pedicures, weekly deep cleansing sessions and sweat prevention is a must, say experts. Ragini Mehra, Founder, Beauty Source and Milan Sharma, Co-founder, Magnifique, have suggested tips: – Incorporate regular pedicures into your routine: Besides being relaxing, pedicures are an absolute must. Of course, a Continue Reading

The American Council on Exercise wants to help you become a personal trainer

Looking to become a personal trainer? If helping others succeed at reaching their fitness goals is important to you, consider becoming certified via the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Why ACE? The American Council on Exercise, or ACE, is the leading nonprofit exercise professional and health coach certification organization. That means, when studying to become a trainer, Continue Reading

Istanbul to enjoy festival dedicated to healthy lifestyles

Energy, productivity and happiness improve with a healthy lifestyle. Istanbulites can gather more information about nutrition, weight control, activities and a healthy lifestyle at the Healthy Life Festival this weekend. While experts share their new ideas about lifestyle changes that can ease stress and prevent diseases, attendees can experience more than 25 lessons and workshops Continue Reading

These Maternity Pillows Exist For Moms Who REALLY Want to Sleep On Their Bellies

Many expectant mothers reach a certain point in their pregnancy where it becomes uncomfortable to sleep, especially on their stomachs. That’s why the cosy Bump exists, a unique pregnancy pillow aimed at easing sleeping discomfort for moms-to-be. The inflatable pillow, which looks like an air mattress with a hole in the centre, claims to alleviate back Continue Reading

Why do people use herbal medicine?

Researchers in Germany used focus groups to investigate the reasons why people chose to use herbal medicine and the medical conditions they used them for. The use of complementary and alternative medicine varies between different countries and cultures. In the USA, one study found that the use of alternative medicine had increased from 34% in Continue Reading