Research has found that more than 68% of Australians have sought health or wellness advice from at least one complementary medicine practitioner in the last 12 months.


The CEO of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS), Charles Wurf, explained that it’s not just the health of Australians that benefits from our 69.2 million visits to a natural medicine practitioner every year, natural medicine is also a major contributor to the economy, and it’s continuously growing.

“Natural medicine has seen a massive 3.1% growth in Australia over the last year,” Wurf said. “We know there are over 28,000 small businesses in this sector which employ 36,487 people and contribute $4.7 billion to the economy annually. This is a burgeoning industry and major employer that is also supporting Australians’ choice to seek highly regarded preventative health and wellbeing management care.”

In previous years, surveys conducted by ATMS revealed that 93.85% of the sample had consulted a natural medicine practitioner, while 96.61% of participants describe natural medicine as “effective” or “very effective”.