Dr. José Codesido, president of the National Association of Assisted Reproduction Clinics (ANACER), has pointed out that 80 percent of women who opt for egg freezing do so due to the absence of a partner, while a 25 for professional reasons and 15 percent for economic reasons.


This was highlighted by Dr. Codesido at a round table in Ginefiv, coinciding with the start of Fertility Month in June, and where he has addressed, on the one hand, how to help women preserve their fertility and on the other hand, how to increase the success of assisted reproduction treatments through patient safety.

Vitrification of ovules has increased by 27 percent in recent years in Spain, from 3,601 vitrifications in 2014 to 4,577 in 2015, according to the latest data from the Spanish Fertility Society, which has linked this growth to the trend of women Spanish women to voluntarily delay the age at which they have the first child.


In this line, Dr. Guillermo González, president of the Federation of State Family Planning, has called for an informative work aimed at young women and general gynecologists so that “the real possibility of preserving fertility is known.”


On the occasion of the Month of Fertility, Ginefiv has taken advantage of this day to present the campaign ‘Take care of your fertility’, which aims to raise awareness about “the importance of taking care of fertility from an early age and disseminate good habits that help preserve fertility in both sexes, breaking the taboos that surround it “.